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Why choose InDefence?

The big question on your mind is most likely why choose us?


To answer that question id like to discuss the four aspects of InDefence:

The Company

The Brand




The Company

First and foremost InDefence is an Australian veteran owned Company which means that our very foundation is built on the same core  values of the Australian Defence Force:


Respect - We promise that our partnership with you is professional, honest and reliable. Trust is earned and we start that process by ensuring that your information is confidential. 


Teamwork - All organisations  are unique.  We don’t pretend to know your business. InDefence is about professional relationships working together to identify, develop and deliver solutions that meet you needs. We can’t compliment your vision without the valued support of your management team.


Initiative - Our want is to develop and implement the very best education, techniques and tactics to keep workers safe and protect organisations against the effects of violence.


Conflict is a dynamic, constantly evolving problem. Throughout history where there have been humans there has been conflict. 


The methods used to facilitate conflict such as tactics, weapon systems and beliefs have evolved over thousands of years. Regardless of what training you offer your staff today there will be a new threat, a new problem tomorrow. 


A modern example of this we have seen in recent years is the current concern of active attackers in places of mass gathering and public spaces. This lead us to the development of our Active Attacker training program and OBSGard suspicious behaviour identification and response course designed to arm staff with knowledge and dispel fear through education.


We promise to be right there with you taking the initiative back and training your staff in the latest tactics. 


Courage - In our industry people say what they believe the client wants to hear. We will provide an objective perspective…..the truth. We do that by surveying your staff and spending some time  in your workplace so we can appreciate your requirements. We believe that an objective perspective is the best way to respect you as a partner allowing you to make an educated decision as to the type of training you would like to implement. 




Our brand is trusted by thousands of people to provide the very best in conflict resolution and physical intervention tactics.


Organisations, schools, Police officers, customs officers, security officers, prison guards, ambulance officers, realestate operators health care professionals and mums and dads trust us to keep them their co workers and families safe.


Kelois Downer the operater of the G-Link Light Rail on the Gold Coast have won multiple industry awards for the inception of InDefences iGard system. They have reported higher employee satisfaction, higher employee safety ratings and above all have reported a 64% reduction in workplace violence injuries since the implementation of the iGard system in 2015.


If there was one stand out reason to consider InDefence as your provider I think a 64% reduction in workplace violence injuries is a great one.




Our products bring decades of legal, aviation, security, personal safety, law enforcement  and military tactics experience together to educate your staff on the identification, prevention, deference, delay and response to  potentially violent situations.


That is achieved by creating a professional, planned approach to reducing conflict through environmental infrastructure, conversation management skills and organisation wide standards of communication and response to incident processes.


All of our products have two contributing elements. The first is a thorough education on the fundamentals of the topic and then processes that can be adopted across all departments within the organisation. 


Change management is really the key to the success of our courses.  Staff usually have years of experience and bring with them tools that may have served them well in the past but fail to meet your organisational requirements. 


We have found that through education, processes and establishing clear parameters (guidelines that you as the  organisation are prepared to back) the onus is back on the employee regarding their actions. This leads to staff behaviour changing in line with the organisational requirement, creating a significantly safer working environment. 




Did you notice that we don’t hide behind a website? InDefence is not a faceless business. 


The reason for that is it is our people make InDefence what it is. 


Yes we sell systems and processes, but it is our people that establish those processes based on years of industry experience.


I’m sure you would agree that our qualifications are up there with the very best in the industry and your business deserves the best service possible.


Service is really important to me.  Call me little bit old school but I think if you have some concerns you should be able to have someone find a solution and call you about it. 


Actually not just someone, it will be either Anna, Richard, Katee, Greg or myself because if you have invested in us the very least we can do is be with you along the way.


We will discuss with you and provide updates to your staff during refresher training.


We will be on hand to answer your questions in a timely manner


We will develop any resources or training packages you need  that fall within the scope of our expertise.


I’m Ash Gard.  Once again thank you for taking the time to consider InDefence as a solution to your needs.


Lets catch up and see if InDefence is the right fit for your business.

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Ash Gard

Founder & Director

If you have any questions or need some help to address issues in your workplace please feel free to drop me a line.

My team and I will help you clarify your objectives so you can decide if InDefence is the right fit for your business.

Your information and needs will be held in strict confidence. Trust and honesty are important virtues to InDefence so we believe its a great place to start building a professional relationship.

0400 333 363

0400 333 363

PO Box 4681 Robina 4226

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