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What InDefence can do for you!

Ash Gard here.

If you were grabbed by the throat and about to be punched in the face by an aggressive person what would you do? 


As the owner or manager of a business or organisation how would you like a staff member to act under the same situation?


How would you like another staff member witnessing this unfolding situation to act?


You see that is what we do at InDefence.  We ask you to put yourself in the shoes of your employees, walk the walk and answer the question to this worst case scenario!


The truth is most people don’t know what to do…. and therein lies your organisational liability  problem. 


The solution starts from the top with you. 


How do you want your staff to conduct themselves under volatile situations? If you are relying on a product of one size fits all then you are opening yourself and your organisation up to internal and external litigation because your workplace is unique.


Let me give you an example…You would think that all hospitals could simply take an off the shelf product and implement the training but even hospitals differ significantly. 


Most have dedicated security but the size and configuration of the premises can mean that a response time could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes especially if they are already dealing with an incident. 


Perhaps due to duty of care or environmental factors its impossible for the staff member to leave.


You see because of these simple variations its important we discuss the full spectrum of conflict and create an organisation wide standardised method of response. If staff can’t leave they must bridge the gap until help arrives. 


Early detection of potential conflict is paramount so we can establish a response protocol prior to the conflict escalating to violence. Once the situation escalates in many cases it is too late to request help especially if the staff members operate alone or in small teams. 



We provide solutions for the entire spectrum of conflict that can be tailored to your unique requirements.


We help you address the real issue, violence. Most providers will train your staff up to the point of light uncomfortable contact but if your issue is violence in the workplace then this falls very short of your real problem. 


Ultimately that means that the training you have provided doesn’t really prepare your staff for the initial purpose of the training….. to make your staff safe and cover your organisational liability against the worst case scenario……….. violence.


We mitigate the risk of violence in the workplace.  Our objectives for your business are:


1.    Reduce conflict through beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and processes


2.    Remove staff from volatile situations


3.    Bridge the gap until assistance arrives ( security, police, emergency services)


Our experience and research has shown that most confrontations escalate as a result of an employees belief and attitude towards the conflict. 


We have no control over a member of the public, client or customer  initially becoming upset but we can manage the escalating behaviour of the individual or group so a resolution to the situation can be achieved.


Therefore it is essential  that we alter the negative or reiterate positive beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of staff so they conduct themselves professionally during conflict significantly reducing the likelihood of violence occurring.


Ultimately we establish a professional public image under pressure.


If attitude and beliefs effect the employees behaviour which contributes to conflict then it is reasonable to deduct that if a person feels they are about to be violently attacked they will react by using one of the main fear responses.

Flight (leave the environment)

Freeze (become completely inactive)  f

Fight (start striking)

Posture (get in their face); or

Submit (irrationally comply with the aggressors demands such as allowing the offender to continue their frightening aggressive behaviour).


Without massive amounts of training (which you just can’t do as a result of financial and time restraints due to operational needs) it is impossible to predict or change a persons fear response deposition because their social conditioning, or every experience they have endured up to this point in life will dictate that response depending on their perception of the situation.


We don’t want people reacting to situations, we want to create professional responses to foreseeable situations.


In my experience many people feel that if someone is yelling profanities at them the person intends to harm them and as such react and make really bad decisions that can leave the staff member hurt and your organisation liable. 


Our training educates staff so they understand when their safety is really in jeopardy.  We provide tools and processes that allow for their safe removal away from danger  and provide tactics if removal is not possible.


We have a great track record of reducing injuries in the workplace, but some environments don’t allow your staff to leave easily. Staff operating in confined spaces such as public transport systems and detention centres don’t have the luxury of simply escaping danger. The ability to use first response physical intervention skills may be necessary and as such this add on product is available if you feel it is necessary.


Provide employees with simple, defendable and effective defensive tactics

We provide parameters that give staff the confidence to act positively and legally during conflict. If an employee is being physically attacked we can’t stop them defending themselves, that would bring huge liability back on your organisation.  We can however provide tools that will mitigate  your staff and your organisation from litigation post incident by creating guidelines that build evidence in favour of your employees and organisation.



Provide a cost effective value added education program to protect your business

As previously discussed, your operational need doesn’t allow you the time needed to change peoples uneducated reactions. The InDefence solution is a cost effective and value added education program designed to help protect your business by installing rules and guidelines placing the onus back on the employee for their actions. 


The InDefence solutions are proven to create resilience in the workforce by altering belief systems and perspectives  while significantly reducing injuries by up to a staggering 64%. The flow on effect is a significant reduction on workers compensation claims and absenteeism not to mention  increased productivity. 



I can’t promise you that injuries as a result of conflict will not occur in your workplace, but I can guarantee that your staff will be well prepared and able to respond as an individual or part of a team to any situation the way you would like them to respond, legally, confidently and professionally. 


I’m Ash Gard and I hope that I have listed enough benefits to your organisation to inspire you to contact us and arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss your needs and determine if InDefence is the right fit for your business. 


Be Safe and I hope to talk to you soon.

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Ash Gard

Founder & Director

If you have any questions or need some help to address issues in your workplace please feel free to drop me a line.

My team and I will help you clarify your objectives so you can decide if InDefence is the right fit for your business.

Your information and needs will be held in strict confidence. Trust and honesty are important virtues to InDefence so we believe its a great place to start building a professional relationship.

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0400 333 363

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