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Welcome to InDefence

Hi my name is Ash Gard.  InDefence Personal Safety Specialists deliver solutions that address the full spectrum of conflict. 


If you have an issue with conflict or violence in the workplace we are the company you can call.


Conflict or violence in the workplace is a frightening experience that has significant flow on effects  physically, mentally and financially.



Organisations and employees want to know that the company that they are calling have respect, integrity, capability and the expertise  to provide training that meets their needs.


We are experts in our field but ultimately we are regular people just like you with a burning passion to keep people safe from violence.


What makes us different from our competitors is that we educate our clients on the full spectrum of conflict rather than just ticking a box but falling short of addressing the real issue. 


We do this by establishing legal parameters or guidelines and an organisation wide standardised method of response that gives staff the confidence to resolve conflict and the tools to remove themselves if necessary.


Nothing is better for us than an educated customer. Technology allows organisations to research different providers and often they offer an off the shelf product. However all organisations have unique problems that they face.  Sure, conflict can have its similarities but every environment is different and usually requires a tailored approach. 


Perhaps your staff are professional drivers, usually sitting during conflict or maybe your staff work in confined spaces with no escape or an office that has no security or back up.  If something goes wrong, staff must rely on their skills or the skills of their team to bridge the gap until assistance arrives.


We invest in that education by spending time in your workplace and surveying staff so your feel much more comfortable that we understand your business so you can make a well informed decision.


Its not about us and how great we are its about what your issue is and how we are going about solving it.


Implementing solutions that mitigate violence is a tough decision.  How far should a business go to ensure the safety of their staff? These are the sorts of decisions that we help you to address.


Our trainers are experts in the field of violence mitigation.We bring over 50 years of experience in the Legal, Aviation, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Military and Security industries together to create solutions that meet your unique needs.


The true science behind our business is to honour what we sell. If your staff are going to face violence then we won't compromise on the effectiveness of the skills and tactics that we teach. Our promise is to provide the very best solutions available and like your business we also evolve to meet a constantly changing climate.


Our solutions aren’t about getting physical with an aggressive person, our focus is education, changing attitudes and beliefs so that staff can identify, prevent, deter, delay or respond to conflict with the objective being to remove themselves from danger or prevent others from falling casualty to the violent acts of an aggressive offender. 



InDefence is all about identifying what the issue is, and providing a tailored solution that makes you feel comfortable that your staff are safer.


If your are watching this video it is probably fair to say you are looking for a solution now. If you have some pressing questions why not just contact me right now and we can book a Phone call, FaceTime or if its convenient catch up for a coffee and have a chat about your needs and concerns. 


Simply fill the contact form on the phone below this video and we can get the ball rolling.Thanks for your time and I hope to meet with you soon.

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If you have any questions or need some help to address issues in your workplace please feel free to drop me a line.

My team and I will help you clarify your objectives so you can decide if InDefence is the right fit for your business.

Your information and needs will be held in strict confidence. Trust and honesty are important virtues to InDefence so we believe its a great place to start building a professional relationship.

Ash Gard

Founder & Director

0400 333 363

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0400 333 363

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PO Box 4681 Robina 4226

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