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Observe & Identify Suspicious Behaviour and Items

Is suspicious behaviour quantifiable?.......... absolutely.


Sadly though, most people get a "gut" feeling but allow their cognitive brain to override their suspicions failing to report a small detail that might in fact be the missing piece of a catastrophic puzzle.


OBSGard brings certainty to those suspicions by educating your staff as to why they feel something is wrong and give processes that allow staff do build evidence that supports their initial suspicion rather than feel foolish, acting on a whim. 


If your organisation is responsible for critical infrastructure like public transport, shopping centres and major event venues then you must ensure the safety of the public.


Staff can become difficult and passive aggressive as a result of workplace conflict, lack of promotions and decisions that impact them personally. Your business must be protected from disgruntled employees that discreetly sabotage your years of hard work or pose a threat to coworkers.

By creating an environmental baseline and encouraging or rewarding staff for reporting suspicious behaviour we can create a safe and productive workplace.

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Military Tactics

Military combat profiling is the science that has formed the foundation for identifying suspicious behaviour and items that pose a threat to our community.

Military and law enforcement units globally conduct training to teach soldiers and officers how to identify actions that might require further investigation. Combat profiling brings together various elements such as Iconology (the effect symbols have on behaviour) and geographics ( how people interact with their environment) to understand expected behaviour, thus setting a baseline that highlights actions that could be considered suspicious.

Strategic Goals and Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Create a culture of communication through th implementation of reporting processes;

  • Provide employees with tools to build evidence that supports their suspicion; 

  • Establish an understanding or what is "normal" or "expected" within the employees area of operation;

  • Identify suspicious items;

  • Effectively identify suspicious actions or behaviour;

  • Create action plans when suspicious items and behaviours are identified;

  • Learn methods to create familiarity with any environment;

  • Report information to authorities effectively.


OBSGard is a classroom based training program that culminates with a desk top activity that asks participants to establish preplanned professional responses as situations unfold. 


OBSGard has 4 simple steps to competency:


  • Understand the 6 domains of combat profiling;

  • Understand how to establish a baseline for any environment and conduct white level suspicious device sweeps;

  • Understand how to identify and respond to an unfolding situation;

  • Desktop activity


This program was developed and implemented for one of our clients prior to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Staff on the ground reported that the skills were incredibly valuable, significantly enhancing the safety of the public and allowing staff to operate confidently under the pressures of dealing with crowds in excess of 100,000 people.

There will always be humans intent on doing harm to others , be safer by design with InDefence.

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