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Based on conversation management  tactics, the iGard System by InDefence is designed to protect your business and your employees by creating  an organisational wide process of communication and responding to incidents.

Although many training providers will provide training that covers your organisational liability, few have the ability to significantly reduce workplace injuries because the content taught fails to cover the full spectrum of conflict.

Sadly violence occurs in workplaces all too frequently. A poor or uneducated decision by an employee can cost a business over $90,000.00 in lost revenue, workers compensation, productivity and public liability in just 3 weeks. 


We are proud that one of our major transport clients has won multiple business awards for the implementation of the iGard System and report a 64% reduction in recordable workplace injuries since the inception of iGard in their workplace in 2015.

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Imagine a system that creates evidence in favour of your employees during conflict. 


The iGard system is a Swiss Cheese approach to mitigating violence in the workplace, at home and socially. It is a gift from an employer to the employee that demonstrates the organisation truely cares for the welfare of their staff by providing education and tools that can be used in all areas of life, building trust, loyalty, teamwork and organisational cover.

By creating layers of defences through education, belief systems and processes, iGard sets parameters for staff to avoid inappropriate behaviour or reactions that can have a dramatic effect on an organisations reputation.

Strategic Goals and Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Allow staff to maintain a professional public image under the pressure of conflict and potential violence;

  • Provide employees with simple, defendable and effective tactics and processes; 

  • Provide parameters to ensure employees operate appropriately and professionally;

  • Mitigate the risk of workplace violence and legal ramifications;

  • Provide a cost effective, value added education program to protect your business and your employees;

  • Save money;

  • Create resilience and perspective;

  • Reduce physical and psychological work cover claims and absenteeism.


Employees beliefs and attitudes contribute greatly to workplace incidents. The iGard System puts onus back on the employees by providing clear parameters, both organisationally and legally, enhancing the safety of staff and mitigating the inappropriate behaviour of employees.


The iGard System has 3 components that work together to create the training package namely:


  • Education - Detailed modules covering relevant topics

  • Processes - The tools that provide standard operational methods and practices 

  • Review and recurrence  -  Continuation training to maintain perishable skills, update new developments and address critical issues.


As an organisation you have total control over the content. We work with you to mimic your current policies and procedures ensuring a simple and stress free integration.


We understand that every business is different with very unique requirements, The iGard System by InDefence comes as a completely tailorable product ready to implement in your business when you need it. 


Humans will always take short cuts, be safer by design with InDefence.

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