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According to Australian security organisations, Australia faces a very real threat of active attacks by groups and individuals in places of mass gatherings. The ultimate question being, is your organisation adequately prepared?


As a provider of workplace violence mitigation training, we often get approached as a result of an incident that has already happened. An incident that has already cost an organisation tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.


In the case of Active Attackers it is too late to train staff after the fact. We understand the liability associated with and the cost involved in training staff, but imagine the financial and emotional consequence if you don’t train your staff in these probable emergencies.


We want to help you before catastrophe strikes, and give you and your staff the best chance at surviving these deadly situations. We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to address these workplace issues and identify if you need to put controls in place.


The objective of this Proposal is to demonstrate how InDefence can help your organisation and how InDefence is well placed to offer solutions efficiently and cost effectively.


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Active Armed Attacker Training

Moving away from the threat is always the primary option, but like all things, must be practised in order to be an effective response. 


Like fire drills, InDefence conduct scenario based training simulating the need to leave a hostile environment. You would be mistaken if you thought this valuable skill is simple, it has many complexities such as:

  • Cover and concealment

  • Tactical movement

  • Cornering

  • Negotiating obstacles

  • Moving third parties

  • Making firearms safe


Sometimes running is just not possible. If you are not confronted by the Active Attacker but they are between you and the exit finding a secure environment to lockdown and wait until the situation is resolved is the next best option.


But what is a secure location? How, in 30 seconds can you barricade yourself into an office? How do you secure an outward opening door? How do you work as a team? 

Through simulated micro scenarios InDefence consultants will challenge your staff to operate as individuals or as teams to lockdown a secure environment and communicate their situation to the authorities.


InDefence consultants will establish pre-planned responses so that your staff act as soon as possible, reducing hesitation and enhancing their safety.


When you can’t run and you can’t hide, fight. If you are within a few meters of an offender with a firearm when they start shooting and you fail to engage you will probably die. Police response can take 2- 15 minutes.  Either way if you are confronted by a gunman it is up to you to ACT. 


InDefence teaches the latest, proven tactics to disrupt, overcome and disarm an armed attacker and make the weapon safe. Our strategies and tactics evolve to deal with modern and ever changing global threats, applying lessons learnt from past attacks. We teach post incident tactics that prevent law enforcement mistaking you as the offender.

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