InDefence is a professional and highly experienced provider of workplace defensive tactics and personal safety training.  We bring together personal safety tactics, legal considerations and 50 years of military, law enforcement, legal, aviation, public transport and security management of places of mass gathering experience to formulate logical solutions to meet your needs. 

InDefence addresses the full spectrum of conflict, providing training solutions based on the legal ramifications of applying force and an improved law enforcement use of force model. We have a strong emphasis on conversation management skills and situational awareness in order to identify and avoid the need for physical intervention. 


Our goal is to provide skills to the employee or manager so that they ‘respond’, rather than ‘react’ inappropriately during stressful situations effectively mitigating criminal and civil litigation. 

We believe our approach and credentials will clearly demonstrate that InDefence can provide proven solutions and prepared responses to incidents that control or mitigate risk to your organisation relating to vocational violence.


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Ash Gard

Founder & Director

As co-founding Director of InDefence Personal Safety Specialists, Ash pours innovation and creativity into each project while keeping a purposeful and clear collaborated objective. This approach has led to Ashley and his team to providing personal safety and security solutions to many international companies and high profile personalities. 

A former member of the Royal Australian Corp of Military Police, Ash is a Close Personal Protection expert, with over 20 years’ experience in the Military law enforcement and security industries. Ash is an expert defensive tactics instructor with experience in Physical intervention tactics, conrtol and restraint, riot control, self defence personal safety strategies and tactics and hostile environment tuition.


Ash knows what it takes to transform an organisations requirements into a training package that not only ticks all the boxes but performs well and truly above the organisations expectations.

Ash’s passion and attention to detail sets InDefence apart in the Personal Safety Industry and he is devoted to finding sustainable solutions. Ash is intensely committed to creating dialogue between organisational departments, authorities and emergency services so that all can incorporate the tenets of sustainability into their processes and methods.

When Ash is not researching the latest tactics or making his clients happy, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar (poorly) and woodworking. 

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Anna Hacquoil

Founder & Director

After 10 years within the legal industry and being admitted as a Lawyer in the Supreme Court in 2006,  Anna joined Ash to become co-founder of InDefence Personal Safety Specialists.

Anna has meticulous attention to detail and fantastic organisational skills. Her great business sense ensures that budgets and schedules stay on track keeping costs for clients as low as possible.


Anna draws on 17 years of experience in the legal, security and defensive tactics industries, is one of the highest qualified and experienced female defensive tactics instructors in Australia, and has contributed to many women’s health magazines in relation to personal safety.

Because Anna is originally from New Zealand and misses the cold, she finds herself dedicated to early morning runs with her husky Titan, bush walking and dreams constantly of her next travelling adventure. 

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Richard Downing

Senior instructor

Richard has been involved in senior management and operational roles in the Aviation industry for over 15 years and defensive tactics industry for over 7 years.

Within Richards’s professional career he has been involved in Aviation Security development and implementation forums and steering committees. Richard also holds responsible person approvals for an organisation in this industry.

Richard is experienced in Corporate Emergency Response Planning including large scale multi agency exercise planning and holds positions of authority over Emergency Response in his current employment.

Within Richards’s expertise are the areas of large scale multi-location Operations Management, operational and business improvement, policy and procedure development, process implementation, disruption management, risk assessment, human factors analysis and investigation, work place training and assessment, resource planning, long term operational forecasting, Drug and Alcohol Management Plans and remote/austere operational planning and delivery.

Richard has also completed courses in Strategies for Surviving Active Shooter events, Verbal defence and influence for public safety professionals as well as the coveted Krav Maga Global General Instructors course and Transport Instructors course.

Richard has also been instrumental in several high level business negotiations aimed at reducing operational overheads without compromising safety and product, whilst ensuring that profitability and operational efficiency can be increased.

Richard uses his passion for ensuring that businesses are high functioning teams to drive performance through the optimisation of available resources and provides ‘out of the box’ thinking in a consultative manner.

With the above in mind it is Richard's opinion that the norm must always be challenged and continuous improvement always sought.

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Greg Farley

Senior instructor

Greg Farley is a forensic disabilities specialist who is highly experienced in the mental health industry. Greg has worked with dangerous imdividuals that pose a significant risk to society and specialises in the management of aggressive behaveour. Greg is a Mental health defensive tactics instructor who is qualified in a number of government approved conflict de-escalation training programs.


Katee Grover graduated from the Edith Cowan university  of Perth with a  bachelor of Counter-Terrorism, security and Intelligence   Katee has an extensive career within the security industry highly experienced in the areas of asset protection, immigration and detention facilities. 

Katee Grover

Senior instructor

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Andrea Shoecraft

Andrea is an experienced IT project manager focussing on quality and risk management. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and has tertiary qualifications in medical imaging technology,  information technology, health management and project management. 


Andrea has extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment and the unique challenges experienced by healthcare professionals when dealing with the public.

Senior instructor