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InDefence Personal Safety Specialists deliver solutions that address the full spectrum of conflict. 


If you have an issue with conflict or violence in the workplace we are the company you can call.


Conflict or violence in the workplace is a frightening experience that has significant flow on effects  physically, mentally and financially.



Organisations and employees want to know that the company that they are calling have respect, integrity, capability and the expertise  to provide training that meets their needs.


We are experts in our field but ultimately we are regular people just like you with a burning passion to keep people safe from violence.


Please contact us today to find out how we can help you and your staff safer.


Kind regards



"Keolis Downer has won multiple industry awards for the implementation of the iGard System and we have recorded a 64% reduction in recordable workplace injuries since it's inception 5 years ago. Melissa Stone - HR Director, Keolis Downer, Gold Coast Light Rail.

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